About Us


Please bear with us as we work to update our web links. Due to one of our accounts being moved, we are reorganizing some of the content to better suit our visitors.

Interested in becoming part of the team? Send an email to recruiting@buildacustompc.com for more information or to apply. Please note this is not a paying position as we are a non-profit.


Hello and welcome to our about us page!

What we are doing here

We are happy that you are interested in building your own PC and are here to help guide you in that process. Our goal is to assist the average person in building their own PC even if they may not have the knowledge about PC components that is neccessary to do so properly. Everyone deserves to be able to construct an incredible gaming rig without paying the insane markups that PC companies charge. It's not uncommon to be able to build a PC with better components for about half the cost. You see - most computer companies do not use brand name components like Asus and Corsair for their components. They actually have their own custom components mass produced and those all come with their standard warranty that covers everything. You are much better off buying name brand components that each have their own warranties - often times 5-10 years instead of the standard 1 year warranty most pre-built computers have. 

Our background

We are a group of people that have been tinkering with computers from a young age. We have all built our own gaming rigs and love the incredible bang for your buck that we get out of custom PC building. Currently, we all work full time jobs in the tech field; some are IT professionals, some are software support, and other are systems administrators for web hosting companies. The bottom line is we all love computers and the incredible progression they have brought to humanity.